Wrestling With Rest

Maybe I’ve corrupted the good ol’ Puritan work ethic, but it seems like when I’m working hard I feel useful, and when I’m resting I feel lazy.

But the more I learn about how our bodies and mind work, the more I’m convinced that appropriate rest and downtime are far more important than I ever imagined.

So, I’m trying to embrace sleep, and plenty of it. I’m trying to accept sitting still, being calm, and sometimes even being bored.


All The News You Don’t Need To Know

You are on news overload.

The truth is that you don’t need to know everything that is going on. The media/internet/socialworld all thrive on getting eyeballs on their stuff, so just because they’re talking about it doesn’t mean it’s important.

Choose when and where you consume your news. Do it on your terms.

When you hear a piece of news, ask:

  1. What action can I take because of this news?
    1. If you can’t take any action, you’re creating a news burden.
  2. How do I feel/react when I heard/see this news?
    1. If it doesn’t stir action or create peace, you’re creating unnecessary drama in your life.

You Own The Phone

“You own the phone. It doesn’t own you.” Ed Young, Jr.

Technology has made it easy to be always connected and always available. That’s too big of a burden for anyone to carry.

Just because your phone rings does not mean you must answer it. It’s your choice.

Just to prove to yourself and your phone that you own it, try a couple of things:

  1. Set Do Not Disturb on your phone from the evening until work hours.
  2. Intentionally leave your phone somewhere where you can’t access it for a while.

What do you do to prove that you own the phone?




Stop Solving Problems

Nothing feels quite like fixing something for someone, and seeing that “man, you’re a genius” look in their eye. But, as good as that feels, it’s killing your leadership potential.

Tell your team that if they identify a problem, rather than bringing it to you to fix, they should try to solve the problem, and if they’d like affirmation, they can tell you about it.

Anyone can find problems. Valuable team members solve problems. 

Enable your team to solve their own problems, and you won’t feel so good about your own wits, but you will feel better about your business.