Agile Decision Making

I know the term, “agile” is quite en vogue at the moment, but I realized that it’s a great way to define decision making in my life.

Agile, in this context, just means making a decision or delivering something, then seeking feedback, improvements, and iterating on your initial idea.

I have a saying: “I’m making the best decision I can right now with the information I have.” That does a couple of things:

  1. It allows me to decide something rather than procrastinate.
  2. It reduces the pressure because I’m not making a decision that lasts forever.
  3. It gives me the basis for changing my mind later when I have more information.

It is important to realize that decisions do have long-range consequences, so make sure that your decisions align with your ethics and the goals you have for your life. (You do have personal and family goals, right?)