Things Didn’t Have To Turn Out That Way

I love reading history, and this morning, I was reading a collection of speeches by the eminent American historian, David McCullough. He said that it is easy to forget that individuals made choices and decisions in the present not really knowing how things would turn out. We tend to think of them in the context of the past. It’s too easy to forget that things didn’t have to turn out the way they did.

That impacts my choices for today. My responsibility is to step up to any challenge and recognize that it is all I can control.

Read The Bible Less

Reading a few verses from the Bible is kind of like drinking Orange Juice concentrate. It’s a lot to take in. I’ve often tried reading for quantity in hopes that the sheer volume will have an impact.

But my experience has taught me that even just a few sentences and paragraphs are enough to chew on, think about, and try to apply. And applying is really the point anyway.

All The News You Don’t Need To Know

You are on news overload.

The truth is that you don’t need to know everything that is going on. The media/internet/socialworld all thrive on getting eyeballs on their stuff, so just because they’re talking about it doesn’t mean it’s important.

Choose when and where you consume your news. Do it on your terms.

When you hear a piece of news, ask:

  1. What action can I take because of this news?
    1. If you can’t take any action, you’re creating a news burden.
  2. How do I feel/react when I heard/see this news?
    1. If it doesn’t stir action or create peace, you’re creating unnecessary drama in your life.